Consumer Education Programs

Debt Management Handle with Care

This workshop was designed for underserved and disadvantage populations. It addresses how financial literacy can prepare them to anticipate life-cycle needs and deal with unexpected emergencies without assuming unnecessary debt. For youth, financial literacy can reduce their vulnerability to the many risks associated with the transition to adulthood, and enhance their skills in managing money as they enter the workforce.

Money Management

This workshop will teach consumers how to manage money, set goals, select the best budgeting style and create a budget that works. This workshop will also give strategies for reducing expenses, ways to streamline saving money, and much more!

Understanding Credit

This workshop goes over the most important concepts of credit including: the importance of credit, what information creates a credit score and how to improve a credit score. It also covers the best strategy for paying down credit card debt.

Money Smart

This workshop teaches how to develop financial confidence, build financial knowledge, and learn how to use banking services using the award winning FDIC Money Smart Curriculum. Through customizable modules attendees will learn about banking services, borrowing and checking basics, how to make credit work for them, paying yourself first, credit history, and homeownership.

Credit Smart

This modular workshop curriculum is a multilingual financial education resource and outreach initiative designed to help consumers build and maintain better credit, make sound financial decisions, and understand the steps to sustainable homeownership. CreditSmart increases consumers' financial understanding by teaching life-long money management skills, showing consumers how to avoid foreclosure and keep their home.

1. Your Credit and Why It Is Important
2. Managing Your Money
3. Goal Setting
4. Banking Services: An Important Step
5. Establishing and Maintaining Credit
6. Understanding Credit Scoring
7. Thinking Like a Lender
8. Avoiding Credit Traps
9. Restoring Your Credit
10. Planning For Your Future
11. Becoming a Homeowner
12. Preserving Homeownership: Protecting Your Home Investment

Identity Theft

Attendees will learn what identity theft is, how it occurs, as well as how to protect themselves and their credit against theft and what to do if they become a victim.
Teaching Children about Money

This workshop will teach attendees fun and effective strategies to assist their children in learning about money and finances. Adults will learn ways to teach good money management skills to the children in their lives, whether they are 5 or 15.

Finding Paths to Prosperity

This workshop explores the importance of building assets, setting goals, overcoming financial obstacles, saving money, developing a spending plan; and how to communicate these objectives, realize the importance of credit, maintain good credit, understand financial institutions, and retirement investing. Other topics covered include: buying a home, starting a business and furthering your education.


This workshop will improve the chances for a successful homeownership experience by teaching prospective buyers about the requirements and responsibilities of homeownership before the home purchase is made. Attendees will learn how to establish and improve creditworthiness, set and achieve income goals, save toward covering a down payment and closing costs.


This workshop includes topics such as home maintenance skills, advanced budgeting, refinancing mortgages, equity building, and delinquency/foreclosure prevention. Attendees will learn how to calculate and manage home equity, develop a plan to reduce energy consumption to save money and understand the different types of mortgage loans and insurances.

Foreclosure Prevention/ Intervention

This workshop is designed to communicate basic information about the mortgage delinquency timeline. Attendees will learn how to recognize warning signs and activate early interventions, as well as gain a general overview of the legal, financial, and credit implications of foreclosure.

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